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Since 1992 Greenway has been tackling all types of pest problems effectively, professionally and discreetly. Greenway has established an excellent reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive service, tailor-made to meet the needs of domestic, business, commercial and industrial clients in London. Areas for pest control include, Central London, West London, Kensington, North West London and we also cover Manchester and the rest of London.

Environmentally friendly pest control:

Safe Products

Where at all possible we will use the safest products available. We will always advise on how to keep children and pets safe.

Professional Memberships

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When is a pest not a pest? : Bees and Bats.

honey beeWe sometimes get calls from people who have bats or bees and are not sure what to do. These are not pests and should not be harmed.

See our pest control information pages.

Do it yourself pest control.

do it yourself pest controlSome people decide that they would like a DIY solution. Find advice and information about which products to buy on our DIY Pest Control Pages.

How can Greenway help?

We help any and all types of homes and businesses, ranging from the smallest shop to the large, nationwide corporations. No matter the scale or type of pest problem, whether you want a quick fix or a planned prevention program, our experts will be happy to discuss your needs and offer a solution that suits you.
We specialise in keeping your home safe and pest free, using the most effective products.
We do this by offering expertise, best advice, and ultimately, peace of mind



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